Alex Humann ABOUT

Dispersed conventions and fashions, Alex Humann began his studies in Design and Art from young, never was attracted to the imitation of others and that always marked his lifestyle, he always tried to leave his personal contribution in different disciplines where he created a work. After failures trying to collaborate with other artists in 2011 decided to start his own career as a producer of Ambient and Dub Techno, a style where more and more present in the best specialized labels worldwide.

Currently, he works on several projects such as: Resident Dj on Mixcult (Russia), Moebius Music (Spain) ,CEO in Morgen FM (Loca FM, Spain) and producer in different labels as Subspiele (Germany), Dewtone (Canada) Archives (Spain), Etoka Records (England), Tehnophonika (Russia) Rohs! (Berlin) Betyar (Hungary).

CRYPTIC CHILD black and white fashion nature black

“.. o n l y  doing that your own life breath every time a creative idea and always giving the maximum of your inspiration … intensely, you can grow and get something that can never be erased.”

Alex Humann